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The Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition is launching an open conversation
to explore how communities across Illinois
can benefit from the clean energy economy.

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Coalition Announces New Push for Clean Energy in Illinois

February 19, 2018

Members of the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition listed several sweeping and long-term goals Joined by U.S. Congress members Rep. Mike Quigley and Rep. Robin Kelly, members of the ICJC listed several sweeping and long-term goals…

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Renewable energy ‘exploding’ in Peoria and beyond

December 9, 2017

That all changed a year ago — “dramatically,” Hawksworth said — with the enactment of the Future Energy Jobs Act and an overhauled incentive system that promises as much as $15 billion in investments for…

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Critics say Ameren efficiency plan falls short of goals, but utility disagrees

August 18, 2017

PEORIA — An energy efficiency plan proposed by the dominant downstate power provider fails to meet key goals of state legislation crafted to conserve resources and create jobs, according to critics of the proposal. But…

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EDITORIAL: Don’t let energy company short-circuit Illinois law

August 13, 2017

Is one of the best new energy laws in the nation really about to unravel this quickly? Last December, Gov. Bruce Rauner signed the Future Energy Jobs Act. Hammered out over more than two years…

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@cubillinois blog post: @ILCleanJobs “Listen, Lead, Share” sessions show urgency for clean energy future

hey @ILCleanJobs good news for clean energy: ComEd files tariff for time-of-use pricing. @cubillinois says: "If we’re serious about building a more affordable, more reliable and cleaner power grid, time-of-use pricing has to be part of the blueprint.”

Clean energy is growing in Illinois! Read about the investment in new solar projects in Marshall County. #CleanJobs #Solar

"Boone County farmer Mary Brubach... says her proposed solar farm lease would produce a significantly higher return than what she'd get for farming the same land and could mean a retirement plan for her widowed mother." #solar @ILCleanJobs #twill

#Thankful to live in Illinois where #FEJA is leading us to a cleaner, more just #economy
We’ll fight the Trump administration’s assault on clean energy

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