As we move toward achieving our climate, equity, and energy goals, the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition (ICJC) Platform outlines solutions in three critical sectors: Electric Grid, Transportation, and Buildings.

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Clean & Reliable electric grid


The Clean and Reliable Grid Act - SB3637

The problem

We must accelerate our path to 100% clean renewable energy by connecting less expensive, clean energy to Illinois’ electric grid, removing barriers to clean energy deployment, and requiring transparency and public participation from municipal utilities and rural electric cooperatives.


The Clean and Reliable Grid Act will ensure we have a clean, reliable, and affordable electricity grid by:

  • Updating and maximizing Illinois’ energy efficiency policies
  • Offering customers more options to reduce their electricity demand during expensive peak hours
  • Requiring transparent energy planning by municipal utilities and rural electric cooperatives
  • Reducing barriers to building necessary transmission lines.

Clean & Equitable Transportation


The Clean and Equitable Transportation Act (CETA)

The problem

Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Illinois. The harm from vehicle pollution goes beyond GHGs, and vehicle electrification alone cannot address all the dangers, particularly the negative impacts on low-income individuals and vulnerable road users.


A three-pronged approach:

  • GHG bill: Establishes targets to reduce sector-wide emissions from the transportation sector to be 100% carbon-free by 2050 and aligns state spending to support clean and equitable transportation.
  • Transit bill: Implements long overdue transit funding, service, and governance reforms to establish a unified regional agency capable of delivering the safe, reliable, and frequent transit system riders deserve.
  • Zero Emissions Transportation bill: Establishes standards that increase the availability and reliability of zero-emission vehicles, move our public fleets to zero emissions, and increase the buildout of charging infrastructure while facilitating a race to the top for vehicle workers.

Clean & Healthy Buildings


The Clean and Healthy Buildings Act

The problem

Burning methane gas in our home and business appliances is expensive, hazardous for our health, and a major contributor to climate change.


We must set ambitious climate goals for buildings, double down on energy efficiency, and modernize our approach to different heating options. The Clean and Healthy Buildings Act would:

  • Require gas utilities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions steadily, reaching zero emissions by 2050 by setting a Clean Heat Standard for the state.
  • Require the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) to map out the most affordable strategies to reach the Clean Heat Standard and embed affordability into ratemaking and all ICC decision-making processes for gas and electric utilities.
  • Update gas energy efficiency standards to help people lower their gas bills.

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