The Climate and equitable Jobs Act

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency in CEJA

Expanded programs can save Illinois consumers $700 million per year

Energy Efficiency

CEJA would expand gas efficiency programs and ensure electric efficiency programs continue past 2030, generating substantial customer savings and billions in economic activity.

$13 billion in net economic gains by 2035

CEJA expands gas efficiency programs, producing $700 million per year in consumer savings over the cost of the program.

Energy savings will roughly triple compared to existing gas efficiency programs, to levels similar to the country’s leading utility gas efficiency programs.

Expanded gas efficiency programs will save customers nearly $4 for every dollar spent.

Expand roughly 90,000 existing Illinois jobs and 15,000 small businesses

72% of all clean energy jobs in Illinois are in efficiency. Expanding gas energy efficiency programs will drive efficiency investments, increasing the number of jobs available.

CEJA creates training and small business programs that target low income communities.

Efficiency contractors have been hit hard by COVID-19, but can get back to work as soon as it is safe to enter homes and businesses. CEJA will expand this industry further.

Prioritize service to low-income families

CEJA expands low-income energy efficiency investments to a minimum of $53 million per year, reducing bills and creating healthier homes for those most struggling with their energy bills.

CEJA allows efficiency programs to fix health and safety problems like faulty wiring and indoor air quality problems, in low-income homes, improving residents’ health.

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How is it paid for?

A small charge on utility customer bills funds these programs whose benefits must exceed cost.

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Why is it urgent?

Expanded energy efficiency will save Illinoisans over $700 million per year, target those that need savings most and expand the industry as our economy recovers from COVID-19.

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