ICJC Steering Committee

Sally Burgess Photo

Sally Burgess

Downstate Caucus
Sierra Club Illinois

As the Sierra Club Downstate Organizing Manager, Sally enjoys the opportunity to engage with the club’s east-central and southern Illinois groups as well as partner organizations across several sectors. Her work includes water, coal mining and energy, and she consistently looks to build a more diverse base across the region. She serves on the Coordinating Committee for the ICJC as well as the Downstate Caucus Leadership Team and provides staff support to the Chapter’s Mining Issues Team.

Sally has lived in Illinois for over 30-years and loves it, though is very aware of its areas of environmental degradation and long-history of racial injustice.  She strives to consistently keep downstate issues in the forefront of her coalition and Sierra Club work—the needs and challenges are in many cases unique and cannot be served by a one-size-fits-all strategy. Working within the Clean Jobs Coalition has been the most satisfying employment she has immersed herself in because of the coalition’s ongoing efforts to address environmental and climate goals across the whole of the state.

Sally has an MBA from Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri as well as a MSc in Environmental Policy Communications from Southern Illinois University in her hometown of Edwardsville. She and her husband consider themselves to be hobby homesteaders and live in an area surrounded by farm fields. They have goats, many dogs, chickens and one duck, and are amateur beekeepers.