The Illinois Clean Jobs Bill

HB 2607 – Chief sponsors: Reps. Elaine Nekritz, Robyn Gabel, Michael Fortner, and Christian Mitchell
SB 1485 – Chief sponsors: Sens. Don Harmon, David Koehler, and Jacqueline Collins.

Energy policy took center stage in Illinois in 2015, presenting an opportunity for lawmakers build an innovative, diverse, and clean electricity system that costs less, delivers reliable power and creates thousands of good paying jobs.

By passing the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill – which fully embraces energy efficiency and renewable energy – we can lower electricity costs, meet and exceed proposed EPA carbon pollution goals, and leave Illinois a better place for our children and grandchildren.

At the same time, the Clean Jobs Bill can generate an estimated 32,000 new jobs in Illinois. That’s on top of the 100,000 clean energy jobs in Illinois today.

HB 2607 and SB 1485 will:

  • Increase Energy Efficiency: Reduce energy demand by 20% by 2025 through energy efficiency measures, such as home and building retrofits, increased access to affordable energy efficiency appliances and allow non-utility energy efficiency service providers a fair opportunity to compete to deliver savings.  This means more jobs and billions in savings for customers in every part of Illinois.
  • Develop Renewable Energy: Raise the Renewable Portfolio Standard from the current goal of 25% by 2025 to 35% by 2030. A stronger and longer commitment to clean energy sends a signal to the clean energy sector that Illinois is the right place for billions in new investments, and for the thousands of jobs that come with them.
  • Reduce Carbon Pollution & Create Jobs: The bill provides a range of tools to help customers and the environment. This could create revenues to invest in clean energy, workforce development, low-income bill assistance, and other priorities.

Bill Updates & Co-Sponsors

Senate Bill 1485

House Bill 2607