Letter: Responding to Jason Bono

I’m writing to comment on “Climate change turning into climate collapse” by Jason Bono. We at the Climate Reality Project: Northern Illinois Chapter share his well-defined concern for our climate. Our “destructive influence on the natural world” is the correct diagnosis of the problem we have created by releasing 10 billion metric tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year. The future of our planet is at risk and disaster looms if we fail to turn away from burning fossil fuel, and very soon.

One way to accomplish energy reform in Illinois would be for the General Assembly and the governor to support the Clean Energy Jobs Act. This is comprehensive clean energy legislation proposed in the General Assembly that would boost energy efficiency, expand wind and solar power, and implement electricity market reforms to protect consumers from high energy costs. According to the Citizens Utility Board it is the only legislation in Springfield that could actually secure savings for consumers while significantly expanding renewable energy development in Illinois.

— Ray Empereur, chair, Northern Illinois Chapter of the Climate Reality Project

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