Over 500 protesters rally in support of clean energy jobs

By Tessa Bentulan | ABC Newschannel 20

“Over 500 activists from around the state joined together at the Illinois State Capitol to rally for the Clean Energy Jobs Act Tuesday afternoon.

Protesters are advocating for cleaner solutions and the jobs it would create.

This act, generated by the Illinois Environmental Council, would make the state have 100% renewable energy by 2050.

Officials said it will boost the growth for a pollution-free environment using solar panels and wind turbines.

Jen Walling, the council’s executive director, hopes to persuade legislation into passing this act.

She said it will bring numerous jobs and equity to communities that have been negatively impacted by what she calls “dirty energy.”

“We really need the relief in Illinois. We need the jobs for the Clean Energy Jobs Act. We need the public health benefits and we need them as quickly as possible.”

Walling doesn’t think the bill will be considered for this veto session.

The rally was organized in hopes to advance the process of getting the act signed by early next year.

Right now, renewable energy only makes up 10% of all energy used in the state.”

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