LTE: Pass Clean Energy Jobs Act

To the Editor:

It can be difficult to envision or think about what the state of Illinois might look like 30 years from now, let alone 10 years, or one year.

But, in 2030, 10 years from now, my granddaughters will be graduating from high school. In 2050, my granddaughters will be in their mid-30s. I probably won’t be around to see how their lives are turning out or meet their children, my great-grandchildren.

But I’d sure like to think that the air they all will be breathing won’t be making them ill. I’d sure like to think that my great-grandchildren will be able to grow up to have healthy families themselves.

The Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition is committed ensuring that my grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and all the children across Illinois will grow up to be healthy and have healthy families. The Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition is committed to reducing gas and diesel vehicles from the transportation sector; reducing residents’ energy bills; expanding and creating clean energy careers; building a clean energy economy by 2030; and developing 100% renewable energy through wind and solar energies by 2050.

Governor Pritzker and many state legislators also have committed to these goals.

I support what The Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition is doing for my family, my neighbors, my community, all the communities across the state and throughout this country, and for me.

As a constituent who lives in the 97th District of Plainfield, I urge the members of the Illinois House to take action for the planet, our economy, and our health to ensure that Clean Energy Jobs Act (HB3624) passes this year.

Linda Elaine

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