Northern Illinois community will soon build 7.2 MW of solar through local funding

By Kelly Pickerel

The Fox Valley area in Aurora, Illinois, will soon be home to multiple solar projects totaling more than 7.2 MW. The projects, funded through the Adjustable Block Program under the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA), will be organized by Progressive Business Solutions, a local company. The solar portfolio should be online by Q4 2019.

Area residents and businesses have been paying into a renewable energy fund, which is collected on each customer’s monthly ComEd bill, that will assist with paying for the projects.

In accordance with the provisions under the agreements, Kendall County, the City of Plano, Fox Metro and Mooseheart Child City and School will build in excess of 7.2 MW of solar power generation capabilities. The electric power generated will be used directly by the facilities and lower their operating costs.

“No new taxpayer dollars will be used to build the solar field,” said Arnie Schramel, Managing Partner of Progressive Business Solutions. “We helped originate, competitively bid the solar field construction, and find financial resources to fund the projects. The winning bidders will receive Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Kendall County, the City of Plano, Fox Metro and Mooseheart Child City & School will receive reduced cost power, which is substantially below market for a period of 25 years.”

“Kendall County is continually looking for ways to reduce our operating costs. This will save county taxpayers over $4 million. When presented with a program that allowed us to reduce our costs without any capital investment, we decided it was a good fit for Kendall County and its residents,” said Scott Gryder, Chairman of the Kendall County Board.

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