5/12/15 – Letter to the Editor: ‘Clean Jobs’ bill good for Illinois

daily herald


Kevin O’Shea, Letter to the Editor, Daily Herald

May 12, 2015

Senate Bill 1485 and House Bill 2607, better known as the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill, is an important piece of legislation that needs to be passed this year to make Illinois more competitive with our neighboring states in terms of energy efficiency, sustainability, and jobs creation.

In short, the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill will increase energy efficiency goals, which will save homeowners and businesses countless millions of dollars in energy costs. It will increase goals for the use of renewable energy further lowering energy costs.

More importantly, The Illinois Clean Jobs Bill will, as the name implies, create jobs. Honestly, it will create jobs for my company and many small businesses like it.

As a third generation member of the electrical industry in the Chicago area, I can speak from experience when I say it will create more work for the 50 electricians I have working for me. It will allow me to create new jobs and put more people to work.

Per one study, it will create 32,000 jobs in Illinois.

I am proud to say that Sen. Dan Kotowski, my senator, is a co-sponsor of this bill. It is bi-partisan and an agreed-upon bill by corporations and environmental groups alike.

The Illinois Clean Jobs Bill will make Illinois a better place to work and to live. I urge your readers to contact their elected officials to support SB 1485 and HB 2607.

Kevin M. O’Shea

Lake Barrington