9/10/15 – Statement from Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition Regarding Exelon Quad Cities Plant


September 10, 2015

David Jakubiak, ELPC

Emily Rosenwasser,
Sierra Club, 312-251-1680 x119

Angela Guyadeen, NRDC

Statement from Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition
re: Exelon Quad Cities plant
The Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition released the following statement today in response to developments regarding Exelon’s Quad Cities plant, stemming from the outcome of the latest auction by grid operator PJM Interconnection:

“This development is good for workers in Quad Cities and creates a unique, short window of opportunity to fix an outdated, broken energy system that is holding Illinois back from creating tens of thousands of jobs, improving air quality and lowering rates for consumers by passing the Illinois Clean Jobs bill.

“We have consistently said that closing Exelon’s Quad Cities plant was an unnecessary threat to good jobs. There are other ways to alleviate the problems with Quad Cities than careening from crisis to crisis, principally by boosting Illinois’ commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency, which the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill achieves.”

The Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition is made up of Illinois businesses and organizations representing the state’s environmental, business and faith communities. Currently, more than 150 businesses and 50
organizations have formally joined the coalition to promote steps to improve the Illinois environment,
help consumers, improve public health, and create tens of thousands of new jobs across the state.