8/21/15 – Response from Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition to Exelon statement regarding Quad Cities nuclear plant

August 21, 2015

David Jakubiak, ELPC

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Josh Mogerman, NRDC

Response from Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition to Exelon statement
re: Quad Cities nuclear plant
Company’s continued threat to Rock Island plant reinforces urgency of IL Clean Jobs Bill, coalition says 

The Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition, made up of more than 150 businesses and 50 organizations, responded to comments made by a senior Exelon official in which the company suggests that it intends to shutter one of its Illinois nuclear plants.

The comments came on the eve of the announcement of results of a capacity auction conducted by PJM Interconnection, which oversees electricity transmission across several states. They were reported in an article, “Exelon says revamped PJM auction won’t spare Quad Cities plant,” published by Environment & Energy Publishing (E&E).

As the article reports, even though the “PJM Interconnection LLC’s annual capacity auction will almost certainly mean more revenue for some power plant owners,” Exelon makes it clear that that the Quad Cities plant is targeted for closure. A final announcement by the company, the article said, could come in September. (The article is available at http://www.eenews.net/stories/1060023690 .)

The Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition issued the following statement:

“Exelon’s latest statement about its Quad Cities nuclear plant, a plant paid for by Illinois consumers many times over, is, above all, an unnecessary threat to the livelihood of hundreds of workers in Rock Island County and their families. Should Exelon follow
through on this threat, it reinforces the urgency of passing the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill, the only bill that will employ at least 32,000 workers per year, help Illinois meet new federal clean air goals, and save ratepayers approximately $100 per year on their electric bills.

Finally, Exelon’s demand of a $300 million a year consumer-funded bailout as the only way to keep this plant open and keep those people working is an especially bitter pill for Illinois consumers to swallow, given that Exelon has enjoyed more than $1.3 billion in profits in the first six months of this year alone.”

Members of the coalition have called for passage of the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill (SB1485/HB2607), which would boost the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Illinois, resulting in more than $1.6 billion in savings for consumers, more than 32,000
new jobs and improved public health for people around the state. It also provides a path to meet the new U.S. EPA goals called for under the recently-announced Clean Power Plan.

A recent poll unveiled last week found that Illinois voters support the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill by a more than 2 to 1 margin.

The Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition is made up of Illinois businesses and organizations representing the state’s environmental, business and faith communities. Currently, more than 150 businesses and 50 organizations have formally joined the coalition to promote steps to improve the Illinois environment, help consumers, improve public health, and create tens of thousands of new jobs across the state.