4/15/15 – Illinois Clean Jobs Bill would save energy customers billions

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April 15, 2015

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Illinois Clean Jobs Bill would save energy customers billions,analysis concludes

Union of Concerned Scientists finds that SB1485/HB2607 would shrink energy bills by 23%;legislation is the only energy bill that will save customers money

A report by a leading scientific organization shows that Illinois consumers would save $12 billion by 2030 on their energy bills if the state passed the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill. The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) estimates that consumers would save approximately $22 per month, or 23 percent, thanks to measures improving energy efficiency by 20% and increasing the state’s renewable energy standards to 35%, as called for under the bill.

The analysis will be released during a hearing in Springfield on Wednesday. (UCS’s report can be read here.)

The new finding adds another important argument in favor of the Illinois Clean Jobs bill, on top of the bill’s significant environmental and economic benefits for Illinois, highlighted by the potential for tens of thousands of new clean energy jobs to be created across the state. The bill is now supported by the highest number of co-sponsors of any energy-related bill pending in the General Assembly.

“Boosting investment in wind and solar power and energy-saving technologies would reestablish Illinois as a national clean energy leader and deliver significant consumer and environmental benefits,” said Steve Frenkel, UCS’s Midwest director. “Tapping into Illinois’s homegrown clean energy resources would spur billions in new investments statewide, generate millions in local tax revenue and save Illinoisans $12 billion in lower electricity bills over the next 15 years.”

Frenkel will unveil the UCS report during a hearing of the House Renewable Energy and Sustainability Committee in Springfield today, chaired by Rep. Ann Williams.

The bipartisan Illinois Clean Jobs Bill (HB2607/SB1485), introduced in February by Sen. Don Harmon and Rep. Elaine Nekritz, would help create more than 32,000 jobs per year by ramping up the state’s renewable energy industry, including wind and solar, and energy efficiency technologies. UCS’s findings conclude that the typical consumer’s electric bills would shrink by 11% (or $10/month) in 2020, with the savings increasing to 23% (or $22/month) by 2030, if the legislation were adopted.

The Illinois Clean Jobs bill is now co-sponsored by 41 House members and 21 Senators, making it the most widely supported energy-related bill now pending in the General Assembly.

The UCS data show that the Illinois Clean Jobs bill is the only energy legislation that saves customers money, and provide a sharp contrast between the Illinois Clean Jobs bill and legislation introduced both by Com Ed and its parent company, Exelon. According to its own materials, the Com Ed bill raises monthly net costs on consumers beginning in 2019 (source: Com Ed briefing materials, 3/17/15); Exelon imposes an annual surcharge of more than $300 million on customers (multiple press reports).

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