2/29/16 Chicago Tribune “Clout Street” – Lisa Madigan backing clean power plan

By Rick Pearson

February 26, 2016

Lisa Madigan backing clean power plan: Environmentalists are touting that nearly 2,100 people across the state joined a conference call in which Attorney General Lisa Madigan contended the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s “Clean Power Plan” will withstand a court review.

In the conference call sponsored by the Sierra Club of Illinois, Madigan said the plan should survive a legal challenge brought by opponents. The U.S. Supreme Court issued a temporary stay of the plan’s rules in January.

“The Clean Power Plan is legally justified and absolutely critical to our efforts to fight harmful carbon pollution. I will continue to work with the coalition of states and local governments to vigorously defend” it, Madigan said.

Environmental groups have urged Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner to move forward with the plan’s rules and help build a green energy economy and create related jobs in the state. Rauner’s administration has not made any announcement about Illinois’ intentions.