2/26/16 – Advocating For Clean Air

February 26, 2016

Robin Garlish’s daughter suffers from asthma so severe, she nearly suffocated to death in her sleep.

Garlish says she is one of a rising number of children in Illinois that have asthma.

“We need to think about our children, our elderly,” says Garlish. “It’s really not fair.”

She gathered with other parents of children with asthma, health advocates and members of the local faith community at the Unity House of Prayer in Peoria on Friday.

The say that problems like asthma are, in part, caused by an environment that is becoming more polluted.

Members from the Leaders of Moms Clean Air Force of Illinois say 600,000 to 700,000 lives could be saved nationally if the use of fossil fuels could be limited and people would develop clean-air practices.

They point to Peoria as a place that especially needs change, citing the “D” grade it received from the American Lung Association in 2015.

So they are backing State Senator Dave Koehler, who is co-sponsoring pro-environmental legislation.

“We know that we have to come forth with our plan, of what Illinois is going to do,” says Koehler, talking about his Illinois Clean Jobs Bill (SB1485/HB2607).

Koehler says that the state should prioritize having clean air and creating jobs that use clean air technology. He is calling for lawmakers to sit down and discuss these issues.